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It’s time to move to Google’s new GA4 for Analytics

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Google has announced that it will be sunsetting its Universal Analytics platform. As of July 1, 2023, businesses using this platform will need to update their sites. The new version of Google Analytics is known as GA4. GA4 is considerably different from previous versions in that it treats things like events, clicks, and traffic very differently than version 3 and earlier.

This may come as a surprise to many marketers, who have become used to the robust features and capabilities of Universal Analytics. It will require businesses to rebuild and re-think how they are tracking goals, events, value, and much more. So, what does this mean for small and medium-sized nonprofits? Keep reading to find out.

What to Expect from GA4

GA4 Data ExampleIf you’re a business owner or marketer who uses Google Analytics, it’s essential to be aware of the coming change. GA4 offers several features that may be beneficial for your business, but it’s also important to consider whether or not you need all of those features. The switch from Universal Analytics to GA4 will significantly impact businesses, so it’s essential to be prepared.

GA4 is a new platform designed to be more intuitive and user-friendly. It offers many features that businesses should be aware of, including:

  • The ability to see all of your data in one place
  • Improved accuracy and insights
  • Easier integration with other Google products
  • A more intuitive user interface


What are the GA4 features?

GA4 features include:

  • Improved data collection
  • Better insights
  • More cross-platform compatibility
  • A focus on privacy

How is GA4 different from Universal Analytics?

GA4 is different from Universal Analytics in several ways, including:

  • GA4 offers a more holistic view of your data, while Universal Analytics focuses on individual sessions.
  • GA4 uses events to track user interactions, while Universal Analytics uses pageviews.
  • GA4 provides built-in reports designed to be easy to understand, while Universal Analytics offers a more customizable experience.
  • GA4 uses a different data model that makes it easier to get accurate insights.
  • GA4 collects more data by default so that you can get more detailed insights.
  • GA4 is cross-platform compatible so that you can use it on the web, mobile, and apps.

When should you make the switch?

The GA4 platform is still in beta, so you may not want to switch right away. However, Google has said that they will sunset Universal Analytics in July 2023, so you’ll need to switch at some point. If you’re using GA3 now, you should start planning your transition to GA4.

Why is Google sunsetting it, and what does this mean for businesses using it?

Google is sunsetting Universal Analytics because GA4 is a better platform. GA4 is more accurate, collects more data, and is more privacy-focused. This means that businesses using GA3 need to transition to GA4 before July 2023, or they will lose access to their data.

Should businesses transition to the new Google Analytics platform, and what are the implications of not doing so?

Businesses should start planning their transition to GA4 now. They should migrate their data and update their code to use GA4. The implications of not transitioning are that you will lose access to your data and insights after July 2023. This means you will basically have to restart your data collection and you will lose your historical, longitudinal traffic data.

Bottom Line

GA4 offers businesses several advantages, including improved data collection, modeling, and analysis. However, the transition may be disruptive for website owners and marketers who use Google Analytics tracking code on their websites.

If you’re using Google Analytics on your website, plan for this transition by updating your tracking code and taking advantage of the new features GA4 has to offer. Reach out to us if you need help planning and implementing the change to GA4. Our team can help you plan and execute the transition to GA4 so that your business can take advantage of all the benefits. Contact us today to get started.

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