January 8, 2018

Drunken UX Podcast

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Look, web hosting isn’t sexy.

It’s just something that’s kind of there. You pay every month to the big hosting company that secretly owns all the smaller hosting companies, and you get slow speeds, oversold servers, and terrible support. But the reality is the couple of extra seconds it takes for your website to load could mean lost customers or clients. Less customers equals less money.

We can help. Our web development clients had terrible hosting and we thought that there has to be a better way. So, we built a hosting platform that was super easy to use, secure, and blazing fast. 

All plans include 1 GB storage, SSH/SFTP access, and a free SSL certificate. If you already have one, no problem, we’ll work with you to get it going. 

Our hosting is great for static hosting but it serves up WordPress sites like lightning. We’ll serve your content using the new, fast HTTP/2 protocol from our data centers in New York, San Francisco, London or Frankfurt. Your choice. 

We’d love to work with you to make your web hosting so much easier. 

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Cheers to Drunken UX Podcast listeners!

As a special for listeners of the Drunken UX podcast, Gas Mark 8 is offering this limited time special – you can get all the features of their super fast platform for just $10 a month.

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Photo by Thomas Kvistholt