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Our text message marketing system allows you to reach your constituents using an outreach method everyone has: their mobile phone.
While not every person has access to email, the Internet, and other communication methods, nearly everyone has a mobile device that can receive text messages.
Texting is a way to inform, educate, engage and advocate to your audiences.
With SimpleRemind, you can create custom marketing lists, and users can opt - in to those lists to receive your messages by texting a keyword to a local or toll - free number or completing a form on your website.

We've even made the pricing simple
+ $0.02 per message sent and received

Schedule messages in advance

Users can subscribe via a local or toll - free number in your area

Pre-recorded audio message for voice calls

Create custom lists
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Yeah, about that short code price. We understand that is a big difference, but short codes (the 5 and 6 digit phone numbers you can text directly) are expensive and those costs come from the telecom companies themselves.
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