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You’re the experts in healthcare training and education. We’re the technical partner who can bring your vision to life.

Supporting healthcare education efforts in online learning

When you’re focused on providing top-notch medical care and education, you don’t always have the time to kick your organisation’s technical capabilities to the next level. That’s where we come in. 

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Extend your efforts with our plug & play team

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Highlight your expertise with a delivery system

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Integrate your platforms to expand their functionality

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Fulfill your vision with "sky's the limit" capabilities

Digital marketing for NHS Education

Wouldn’t it be great if all your systems spoke to each other? Your website could integrate with a custom e-Learning platform for your students and staff. You could add classes, share resources, monitor progress, and have access to clean data. Sound too good to be real?

All you need is a trusted partner. Our technical and strategic expertise has helped multiple NHS institutions create the digital environment they’ve only dreamed of. 

We work with you, the subject matter experts, to provide the information that your staff and students need to keep their education up to date and deliver the highest level of service. Let’s talk about your goals and create an actionable plan for the future.

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We're honoured to be a trusted partner to NHS institutions across the UK

Our team supports organisations and alliances to enable health professionals to continue doing great work.

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Deliver NHS education with a hub that meets your vision


Drive student registration with a custom-built website engrained with SEO, accessibility best practices, and user-focused messaging.

Online Learning Platforms

Create courses, modules, and more, and connect everything through a learning hub that keeps all of your content easy to access and organize. 


Enjoy SSD storage, robust security, and 24/7 support in our Cloudways® global data centers, so you can manage all your data in one place.

Online learning platform for NHS Training

We’re here to support instutiutions who provide healthcare education to help save lives .

Alice Bowden

Alice Bowden

Programme Manager


Our relationship with Gas Mark 8 continues to flourish, they offer a range of technical expertise which was essential in the development and launch of our new website. They continue to be a solid support for the GatewayC team and understand the importance of our educational offering and the needs of our users. We’ve been happy with the technical output from the Gas Mark 8 team, their motivation and passion to continually improve our website and user’s journey hasn’t wavered.

It’s a pleasure to work with the Gas Mark 8 team; they’re very solution-focused and are great at explaining complex technical concepts to non-techies.

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We're proud to be a trusted NHS partner

With roots in Manchester, England, as well as Cleveland, Ohio, we care a lot about healthcare education in the UK. We’ve had the privilege to work with several NHS institutions, such as the Greater Manchester Cancer Academy, over the years to provide e-learning and resource delivery solutions.

We understand the impact healthcare education can have on not only the UK but the world. Progress made can bring about change for the entire population and we support your mission. Learn more about how we support those who heal, educate, and inspire.

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Ready to share knowledge with other healthcare professionals?

We’re ready to help – just let us know what you need and we’ll craft a custom plan that’s good for your budget, your brand and your timeline.