about us

Gas Mark 8 was founded in 2012 with the goal of doing good work for organizations that do good.

When we founded Gas Mark 8, we had one goal in mind – empowerment.

While Gas Mark 8 would offer many of the same marketing services as traditional agencies, we wanted to empower organizations that do good work to go even further. Nonprofits, educational institutions, and small businesses have a huge impact on our world, and Gas Mark 8 aims to give them the ideas, tools and guidance to grow even bigger.

In the beginning, we built some small business websites and offered web hosting for a few clients, but things took off quickly, due in a large part to the excellent referrals we received from our happy customers. Since those humble early days, we have built websites that bring leads right to the door of small businesses and then grow with the business. We have created donor campaigns that have brought in millions of dollars and keep bringing donors back. And we’ve helped educational institutions create compelling messaging that dramatically increases student applications and alumni commitment.

Our technology services have also expanded. We have partnered with DigitalOcean to host client websites and applications in secure, high-speed data centers around the world. Seeing the importance of reaching customers and donors where they are, we now offer app development services and have even launched our own SMS marketing tool, SimpleRemind.

What hasn’t changed? Our commitment to delivering customized solutions and excellent services to organizations like yours. We do good so you can do good.

What does the name “Gas Mark 8” mean? It means we’re turning up the dial on your marketing!

In the United Kingdom, oven temperature knobs are sometimes marked 1 – 8, with 8 being the hottest temperature available. Since we have offices in both the United States and United Kingdom, we don’t measure our work in Farenheit or Celsius. We just measure by going full-tilt after successful results!


Mike Richwalsky


Mike has 20 years of experience in traditional, digital and web marketing, primarily working in higher education at institutions including Duquesne University, Allegheny College and John Carroll University. His work has focused on enrollment, fundraising, alumni outreach and creative strategy.

Mike has spoken at conferences around the world on web and marketing topics, including HighEdWeb, WPCampus, Coalition for Networked Information, Institutional Web Management Workshop and many more. His work has been recognized with many Graphic Design USA and CASE awards, and he was named a Creative Spark Award Winner by the Advertising Federation of Northwest Pennsylvania for excellence in electronic communications and marketing for his work in the Erie community.

Mike Richwalsky


Adam Palin

Senior Partner for Europe

Adam is a passionate and innovative web developer committed to creating responsive, engaging online solutions and architecture. He has a proven track record of helping clients achieve their strategic goals including revenue generation and streamlining operational processes. 

Adam believes websites should always be responsive – in both the needs of the visitor and the owner – whilst looking visually stunning, being accessible on any device, and delivering content that the user wants as a clear and enjoyable experience. For the site owner or administrator, the ability to update content without any specialist knowledge is paramount – that’s why he’s a passionate WordPress content management system developer. 

Adam Palin


Let’s do good work together!