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Enhancing Website Performance and Reliability: Inland Counties Legal Services’ Web Hosting Migration

Services Provided: Web Hosting
Industry: Nonprofit
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Inland Counties Legal Services is a non-profit organization dedicated to closing the justice gap for individuals with limited incomes, disabilities, or age 60 and above. This case study examines the web hosting migration project undertaken by Inland Counties Legal Services to address the challenges faced with their existing unmanaged hosting on Amazon Web Services (AWS). The organization sought to enhance website performance, improve reliability, and ensure uninterrupted access to legal services for their target audience.

Client Profile

Inland Counties Legal Services serves individuals who encounter legal challenges due to language barriers, limited finances, and other factors that hinder their access to justice. They recognized the importance of maintaining a reliable and high-performing website to effectively deliver their services to those in need.

Challenges Faced

Inland Counties Legal Services experienced frequent website downtime with their unmanaged hosting on AWS. This issue had the potential to prevent individuals from accessing crucial legal resources and services. Additionally, the organization lacked a large technical staff in-house and was using AWS Lightsail, an affordable but unmanaged server offering without dedicated support. These factors compounded their website stability issues and hindered their ability to provide consistent and reliable services.

Decision to Migrate and the Migration Process

To address the challenges of website downtime and lack of technical support, Inland Counties Legal Services made the decision to migrate their web hosting from AWS to Gas Mark 8’s hosting platform. We offer robust hosting solutions with comprehensive support, aligning with the organization’s goals of improving website performance and reliability.

The migration process involved transferring the entire WordPress website, including all databases, plugins, and themes, from AWS to our platform. The migration was completed efficiently within a single day, minimizing any potential disruption to website availability.

Results and Benefits

The successful migration process yielded several notable results and benefits for Inland Counties Legal Services. First, the frequent communication and collaboration between Gas Mark 8 and the Inland Legal team played a pivotal role in the overall success of the project. Second, the migration was executed without causing any downtime, ensuring uninterrupted access to the website for users. This seamless transition allowed Inland Counties Legal Services to continue delivering their services without disruption.

Furthermore, by consolidating their web hosting with Gas Mark 8 and leveraging the Cloudways platform, the organization realized significant cost savings. This strategic move eliminated the need for multiple web service providers, including AWS, reducing long-term expenses and streamlining website management.

The migration has also led to improved website performance. The website now exhibits increased speed, contributing to a better user experience. Additionally, web performance tests have demonstrated positive results, indicating enhanced functionality and responsiveness.

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Gas Mark 8’s Gold Agency partnership with Cloudways provided additional benefits to Inland Counties Legal Services. Through this partnership, the organization gained access to 24/7 live support, auto-healing services, and other advantages offered by Cloudways. These benefits further reinforced the stability, reliability, and overall success of the hosting solution.


The web hosting migration project from AWS to our platform proved to be a transformative step for Inland Counties Legal Services. By addressing the challenges of frequent downtime and lack of technical support, the organization was able to enhance website performance, increase reliability, and improve access to legal services for their target audience. We’re honored to have played a role in delivering a seamless and cost-effective hosting solution that empowers Inland Counties Legal Services to fulfill its mission of bridging the justice gap for individuals in need.

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Communications Manager
Inland Counties Legal Services

Since our transition to Gas Mark 8’s platform, our website management has never been smoother. We previously spent time and resources on site crashes and display issues, but now, the Gas Mark 8 team handles it all. Not only do they put your mind at ease when it comes to website management, but they also provide creative solutions and advice on a variety of issues. Gas Mark 8 has advised us on revamping our website calendar and finding the best plugin to use for our Spanish language website translations, making the process seamless and understandable. We couldn’t be happier with our website management experience.

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